Pepsi Giving Away 10 Million Cans Of Sierra Mist Natural This Weekend

For years, Sierra Mist has toiled in the shadow of Sprite. But as we reported last month, PepsiCo is hoping to give the lemon-lime drink a competitive edge by replacing HFCS with real sugar and changing the name to Sierra Mist Natural. In an effort to win people over to their product, PepsiCo plans on giving away at least 10 million cans of the drink to Walmart shoppers this weekend.

With its Throwback versions of Pepsi and Mountain Dew — and now the push for Sierra Mist Natural — PepsiCo seems to be banking on what Coca-Cola refuses to admit: That customers believe they can taste the difference between HFCS and real sugar and that there’s a large enough to sustain these soda brands.

PepsiCo, Walmart to give out Sierra Mist Natural [AP]

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