Helpful Best Buy Employees Recycle Van Full Of Computers, Delight Customer

Mindy writes that she had all of the elements for a disastrous morning lined up: she visited Best Buy with a preschool child, an infant, and a van full of old electronics for recycling. However, she found herself in a parallel universe full of helpful Best Buy and Geek Squad employees willing to accept more electronics than the usual limit and give helpful advice.

I had a wonderful experience at best buy and thought that alone was noteworthy. I went to the closest best buy with a minivan full of electronics. I went in carrying an infant and keeping up with my 3 yr old. I told them I was interested in recycling our old electronics since we are moving. I said I understood they have a policy to only take 3 items per family. They all smiled and said no problem.

Geek squad guy goes out to the car with me and loads up one of their big carts and pushes it up to the desk for me. The customer rep asks if the computers still have hard drives. I said probably, so he took them to the back and removed the hard drives.

In the meantime my 3 yr old needed to use the restroom, so I told another rep and went to the back of the store. The rep actually walked to the back of the store to hand me the two hard drives and instructed me to physically demolish them.

Everyone we dealt with was beyond helpful. Note: this was 10:15 on a Monday. The results may not be the same if I had tried this during their peak hours.

No, probably not. It was still very kind, and helpful of them, though. Well done, workers of this unnamed Best Buy store! You saved some electronics from going to the dump and delighted a customer, all in one morning.

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