Ad: POM Wonderful Got Sexy Eve Kicked Out of Eden

POM Wonderful has moved on from the FTC’s demand that the company prove that its products are effective against heart disease, prostate cancer and other conditions. A new TV ad for the beverage goes Biblical, featuring a sultry Eve sharing her Garden of Eden abode with a bottle of POM Wonderful instead of an apple.

In the ad (scroll down to view), part of the a $10 million national TV campaign, a snake wraps itself around “Eve,” as Caligula star Malcolm McDowell intones:

Some scholars believe it wasn’t an apple, but a ruby-red, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, with which Eve tempted Adam. And only POM Wonderful has the juice of four whole pomegranates and is backed by modern science. Powerful then. POM Wonderful now.

POM Wonderful CEO Lynda Resnick says the ads are unrelated to the government probe, and insists that the FTC is on a witch hunt, and that “they believe we are making disease claims, but we’re not. We’re making health claims.”

Regardless, in this case, POM does have history on its side. Some authorities on things Biblical really do believe that Eve’s forbidden fruit was a pomegranate. Then again, some also have their money on the tomato, the fig, and even wheat, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble whipping up a smoothie that matches your own tastes and someone’s view of Eve’s temptation. Just go light on the datura, or get a designated driver to haul you out of Eden.

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