Ad: POM Wonderful Got Sexy Eve Kicked Out of Eden

POM Wonderful has moved on from the FTC’s demand that the company prove that its products are effective against heart disease, prostate cancer and other conditions. A new TV ad for the beverage goes Biblical, featuring a sultry Eve sharing her Garden of Eden abode with a bottle of POM Wonderful instead of an apple.

In the ad (scroll down to view), part of the a $10 million national TV campaign, a snake wraps itself around “Eve,” as Caligula star Malcolm McDowell intones:

Some scholars believe it wasn’t an apple, but a ruby-red, antioxidant-rich pomegranate, with which Eve tempted Adam. And only POM Wonderful has the juice of four whole pomegranates and is backed by modern science. Powerful then. POM Wonderful now.

POM Wonderful CEO Lynda Resnick says the ads are unrelated to the government probe, and insists that the FTC is on a witch hunt, and that “they believe we are making disease claims, but we’re not. We’re making health claims.”

Regardless, in this case, POM does have history on its side. Some authorities on things Biblical really do believe that Eve’s forbidden fruit was a pomegranate. Then again, some also have their money on the tomato, the fig, and even wheat, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble whipping up a smoothie that matches your own tastes and someone’s view of Eve’s temptation. Just go light on the datura, or get a designated driver to haul you out of Eden.

POM ads to promote sexual benefits of pomegranate []
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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    A) Super creepy having the snake on the naked chick

    B) I had no idea Eve spoke parcel-tongue.

  2. laughingisfree says:

    POM please bring back the glass bottles.

    • Bremma says:

      Yeah, my friend used to keep them for glasses in our apartment. They were awesome, though a bit too narrow for me to handwash.

  3. Fumanchu says:

    That is just incredibly odd….

    And makes no sense….

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      Why doesn’t it make sense? They are trying to say it was a pomegranate that was so tempting to Eve that she was willing to defy God. It could have been, seeing as the original text doesn’t mention an apple, and apples generally don’t grow well in the middle east.

      • Fumanchu says:

        Right, a pomegranate that if eaten would bestow great knowlege on the person whom ate it. Now a pomegrante is just a fruit, the comparision isn’t exactly valid. Does anyone really find pomegranates tempting now? They are good, but has anyone really CRAVED a pomegranate?

        Also, the part where they are talking about how pomegranates are backed by modern science makes no sense if this is the first POM ad the viewer has ever seen.

  4. Kid Notorious says:

    Clever and well shot. I dig it.

  5. ccuttriss says:

    “Regardless, in this case, POM does have history on its side. Some authorities on things Biblical really do believe that Eve’s forbidden fruit was a pomegranate.”

    Exactly what *historical* record are we referring to here?

  6. ccuttriss says:

    In fact, now that I think about it… I am an authority on fictional matters and have figuratively hard evidence that Eve did, in fact, tempt Adam with a passion fruit. Why else would the Bearded One name it Passion Fruit if it did not incite passion?


  7. nybiker says:

    Even with the naked woman in the ad, there’s more of the snake than her and I am way more afraid of the snake than her. Yeah, I have an irrational fear of snakes and I thought I might get over that fear by facing it. Didn’t work. I still kept thinking there’s a snake slithering about my house (and not in the video). Good thing I didn’t watch this before I went to bed.

  8. ColoradoShark says:

    “they believe we are making disease claims, but we’re not. We’re making health claims.”

    And at the casino, as they were beating me up in the back room, I said “I wasn’t making the sixes come up on top of the dice, I was making the ones show up on the bottom”.

  9. ludwigk says:

    While scholars disagree on what fruit actually was in the original Garden of Eden mythos, most can agree that it was not an apple. Mentions of apples don’t appear until european translations of the bible, and apples were not indigenous to ancient Mesopotamia whereas the pomegranate was. It also overlaps well with Tohranic and Qu’ranic texts, along with greek mythology as a fruit associated with paradise, or that is forbidden (i.e. Persephone).

  10. MikeM_inMD says:

    Eve had tattoos of leaves?