Apple Debuts Overhauled Line Of iPods

As many predicted, Apple used its much-anticipated press event today to show off the latest development in their iPod devices. And though some had hoped Big Chief Fanboy Steve Jobs would be unveiling a new version of the iPod, it was really just updates — ranging from the blah to the significant — to the existing line.

The runt of the litter, the iPod Shuffle, regained the buttons it had previously lost in its most recent, misguided iteration. The 2GB device now handles around 15 hours of music with a battery that should last users that same length of time. It will sell for $49 and be available in 5 colors.

Moving on up, there’s the iPod Nano, which loses its classic iPod button interface in place of a tiny touch screen. The Nano has also turned square on us. The revamped device will sell at $149 for 8GB and $179 for 16GB and will be available in 6 colors.

And then there’s the iPod Touch. Many had predicted that the Touch redesign would choose to echo the look of the iPhone 4. Instead, the device has maintained its general look while getting slimmer and adding a front-facing camera, which will let you take advantage of the phone sex-friendly Face Time feature over your WiFi connection.

The iPod Touch battery will supposedly last 40 hours, and the player is also getting the same Apple A4 chip that’s in the iPhone. The 8GB version will set you back $229; the 32GB edition is $299 and 64GB will cost you $399.

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