Amazon Locks You Out Of Kindle Account, Ignores You For A Month

E-readers have a definite advantage over traditional dead-tree books when you’re going on vacation: you can bring a wealth of reading material in one small device. One difference, though: your analog bookshelf can’t lock you out. Your Amazon account can. That’s what Natalia writes happened to her. No one at Amazon has been able to fix the problem for more than a month now.

She writes:

I am having major amazon issues. A month ago I bought a kindle and was really excited to use it on vacation. I bought a few books and when I was done, I bought another. Then they froze my account, so I called in and logged a case.

Within 48 hours I got a call back, saying it was an error on their side and they’d unfreeze it for me, but I’d just need to re-order the book. I thought no problem, thanks for the help. So I bought the book a second time and it automatically freezes me out again. I call in and log another case, but get no phone call back as promised from an account specialist.

Then, I continue to call 3-4 times a week, along with a few emails too, for the next 4 weeks. Amazon probably has about 20 calls or emails to return to me at this point. I have heard NOTHING back from them on this, other than one automated reply on creating a new account instead. I don’t want to create a new account b/c it has none of my kindle information or any of my other personalized information.

I just want my account unfrozen and whatever I say to customer service doesn’t get through. Any advice? Thanks!

Some readers have reported good outcomes from contacting, or firing an executive e-mail carpet bomb. Have you successfully unlocked an Amazon account? Tell Natalia in comments how you managed such a feat.

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