Did The ECA Charge You For The Membership You Already Canceled?

Last year, we reported on the trouble that members of the Entertainment Consumers Association had with canceling their memberships, as well as other complaints about the group. Now, one reader reports that he was charged for the membership that he canceled earlier this year.

I signed up for the free year of ECA membership (big story from a year ago). Anyway, I cancelled the membership in February via certified mail as their policy states. I even received a confirmation of cancellation email. However, this week I got a renewal notification and my card was charged $20. I’ve filed a complaint to the ECA and disputed the charge on my card. Other people who signed up during the promotion should check their statements, they probably were charged too, even if they cancelled.

Most likely a mistake, but former ECA members: check your statements.

ECA Tries To Prevent Members From Canceling

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