Avoid The Lottery: Play This Deeply Depressing Lottery Simulator Instead

There are lots of things that you would probably do if you won the lottery. Pay off your family members’ mortgages, fill a Jacuzzi with hot chocolate, buy a water park, or donate to your favorite blog. However, a basic understanding of math will force you to admit that there are much better places for your dollar than the lottery’s coffers. You can, however, simulate the experience of playing the lottery for decades at a time without ever spending money on a ticket. This handy web app simulates the experience of playing the same numbers in the multi-state MegaMillions game for as long as ten years.

Here are my results, using the time-honored lottery numbers passed down through one generation of my family:

You played 104 games of Mega Millions. It cost $104. You won $3.

$101? I think I’d rather have a new Roku. Or a savings account.

Incredibly Depressing Mega Millions Lottery Simulator! [Cockeyed]

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