Sprint Said It Would Refund $10 Fee For TV On My Phone, Changes Mind

William says A Sprint customer service rep assured him his current plan would let him watch premium TV channels from his phone. When he couldn’t access those channels, he checked with Sprint again and says he was told to accept a $10 monthly service charge to get the channels and the company would reimburse him.

Now William says Sprint reneged on the promise and is ignoring him. He writes:

The new representative said to accept the $9.99 monthly charge and that they’d credit me right away for the charge. When the bill came, the $9.99 charge was on my bill with no credit. I e-mailed Sprint’s customer service, but they completely ignored me. I e-mailed Sprint’s CEO, but I still did not receive a response. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, but Sprint’s response to the complaint was to provide me with a list of their TV channels.

If you watch premium channels on your phone, Sprint or otherwise, what do you pay to get ahold of the content?


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  1. chiieddy says:

    He emailed. Did he attempt to call customer service at all?

  2. whgt says:

    CALL them? Support through is usually worthless unless you are emailing a direct human whom you know and trust. Either way…premium tv probably comes at a…premium. $10 isn’t worth looking in to it much further besides taking the time to cancel it and avoid future charges.

    • djhspawn says:

      I disagree, I recently dealt with them with very little issue. You just need to ensure you are speaking to someone who has the authority to grant you request.

  3. AllanG54 says:

    I have Sprint TV on my phone and the channels aren’t that great but it’s part of the $69.99 all you can eat package so I get that and Sprint Navigation (which comes in pretty handy) and a bunch of other stuff. Not a bad package as far as I’m concerned.

  4. kewpie says:

    Complain to the FCC. That seems to really get their attention.

    • trellis23 says:

      Or just pay for the services you are getting. Or cancel the services that you don’t want to pay for. Let’s not clog the BBB and FCC so they can respond to reports of companies truly screwing customers.

      • TimothyT says:

        Not that easy to do. We went through the same crap with Sprint. Every bill for 5 months had a charge for something we didn’t want or use. It took countless calls and finally a trip to the Sprint Store to get it resolved.

        • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

          Not that I disagree or agree with this complaint but that was my experience with Sprint as well, always being charged for extra stuff I didn’t want or just being billed wrong in general. The ETF was worth not having to call every single month in order to have my bill corrected. This is not an exaggeration either. And btw, I sell Sprint as a third-party reseller and unless this dude had some super secret rate plan I have never heard of then he either had to pay for Sprint TV as an add-on or he was supposed to get it as part of the package deal for the Everything data plan. Premium TV is just the name of Sprint’s TV and not some special channels. Premium channels are charged ala carte and usually run 2-3 dollars each and are not part of a package.

  5. trellis23 says:

    Is it really that hard to pick up the phone these days? Honestly, Sprint has never turned me down for a refund when I called to say that another rep promised me something that hadn’t come through.

    And really, this required a BBB complaint?

  6. BigSlowTarget says:

    For two years I have been unable to get any reasonable reception on SprintTV despite owning three phones and checking on it in dozens of cities. Why Sprint is still able to offer this service without getting class actioned is beyond my comprehension.

  7. maynurd says:

    I miss the good old days, when a phone just made phone calls……..

  8. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Bulletin: Cell phones in other countries are capable of recieving broadcast TV FOR FREE. Mobile DTV will soon be available in the USA. Do you think the powers that be will enable this free service on their phones?

  9. dush says:

    So Sprint has lieing reps. Good to know.