Xbox Live Marketplace Card Already Used, Even Though It Was Opened Only Moments Ago

Tyler says that on four different occasions now, the Xbox Live points and subscription cards he’s bought have been invalid when he redeems them. He had a friend at Gamestop help him out with the invalid subscription card, but he’s stuck with useless paper when it comes to the points cards.

Hey there, I figured I might as well tell you about something i have frequently had to deal with regarding redemption codes for points on the Xbox Live Marketplace in hopes that others have experienced the same thing and would have some advice on what to do.

So, I bought a points card at a Gamestop a few weeks back as a birthday present for my roommate. He held on to the card (not even opening it) until today because the new Red Dead Redeption DLC is out and he wanted to buy it. he opens the packaging, pulls the strip off the points card and enters the code into the marketplace to redeem 1600 microsoft points; but when he entered them, he got a message saying that the card was invalid/already used.

Obviously, the crad had not already been used because he just opened it 30 seconds prior to entering the code. The thing is, this is the 4th time I have experienced such a thing. Twice in the past I have bought points cards and the same thing has happened, and once before is was for a 12 month subscription to XBox Live. Calling microsoft customer support yields absolutely nothing because they think you are trying to scam them.

Luckily I had a friend who worked at a Gamestop when I had the issue with the subscription card and he did me a favor by returning it for me and giving me a new one, which luckily worked. After that issue I have always bought points through the marketplace myself with a credit card so as to avoid potentially having the same issue. I bought my friend the card so that he could use it as he wishes, hoping that he wouldn’t have the same issue I have had. Obviously…that was a bad idea. Microsoft will do nothing for him and as such, he doesn’t get to download the DLC and I spent 20 bucks for absolutely nothing. I don’t know where my receipt from Gamestop is so I don’t have the option of even trying to return it.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

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