Demonic Dip Jar Causes Bloodbath

Personal finance blogger Penny Frugalista spins a campfire tale of how she and her husband were mangled by a stubborn, stabby Tostitos Southwestern Ranch dip jar.

In her darkly humorous post about the incident, she blames Tostitos for the carnage, which left her and her husband with hand lacerations after they dared to relieve the jar of its contents. The Mister was the first to cut his hand on the jar, which he put back in the fridge rather than throw away, figuring it was a freak accident. When Penny Frugalista — unaware the jar had already attacked her husband — had a go at the container, she suffered the same fate.

She blogs:

But since he was sleeping, I couldn’t ask him exactly what happened. Upon further inspection of the glass jar of dip, I saw not one, but TWO chipped areas under the lid. I have no idea how they got there, since if you dropped the jar (which we didn’t), the lid would theoretically protect that particular area from chipping. There were no scuff marks on the lid, either, indicating that it didn’t receive any damage. I think the glass was damaged during the manufacturing process — I can’t see any other way for it to have occurred.

She concludes by saying she’ll be filing a complaint with Tostitos but says it’s “pretty funny Tostitos caused a bloodbath” at her house.

Tostitos Dip Caused a Bloodbath at Our House [The Penny Frugalista]

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