Rogue Wallet Replaces Entire Batch Of Bad Wallets, Stuns Customer

Michael writes that his wallet, which he purchased over a year ago, was starting to fall apart a bit. He recently received a new wallet in the mail from Rogue Wallet, the small company that manufactured his, but…. he had never contacted the company. He wasn’t dealing with a psychic wallet maker. (That would be awesome.) Instead, he discovered a company that very candidly owned its mistake and wanted to please customers even if nothing had gone wrong with their personal wallets yet.

In June 2009, I bought a wallet from A couple of weeks ago (over 1 year later), some of the material started coming loose. I never contacted the company at all, but today I received a package containing a brand new replacement and this letter:


Dear Vegan Customer:

A while back you purchased a patented front pocket vegan wallet from my company.

Thank you for placing that order.

It has recently come to my attention that the materials used, while initially looking robust, were not as durable they should have been. [sic]

I’m not talking about the standard 30 day manufacturers warranty here. When you buy something, it should be made right and it should last. For a wallet or a purse, we think it should last for a year or two at least.

The unit which we shipped out to you may not meet your expectations. And at the end of the day, those are the only ones that really count. If those expectations were met, that is great–but if they haven’t been, than please accept our apologies.

Based upon some very appreciated customer feedback, I have decided to replace your existing vegan wallet with a completely free upgrade. Our supplier let us down but that responsibility, ultimately, is ours and ours alone.

You will find your free replacement enclosed with this letter. There is no need to return the original and there is no need to request a Return Material Authorization (RMA)

I know this isn’t how most business is conducted these days–but as you can plainly see, we aren’t like most businesses.

We certainly aren’t perfect and have demonstrated that to you beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Our hope is that you’ll like the new vegan material and find it to be a more durable design.

And keep those new design ideas coming into us–we love to hear from you.

Diligently Improving,

Michael Lyons

They just sent out replacements to everyone who’d purchased this wallet. These guys rock.

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