This Dunkin' Donuts Employee Doesn't Run On Anything

I guess it’s not appropriate to force Dunkin’ Donuts employees to drink the coffee they sell, but they should at least show up to work with their short term memory intact.

My wife and I stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts in North Stonington, CT earlier today, and they somehow managed to mess up our order a total of SIX times by the time we left! I ordered a small black iced coffee, and an egg and sausage sandwich (no cheese) on a plain bagel. My wife ordered a small iced decaf pumpkin latte.

First, we got two regular lattes. Mine wasn’t black, and hers didn’t have whipped cream, so we asked for this to be corrected.

The second time, my order came out correctly, and they added whipped cream to hers, but she tasted it and there wasn’t any pumpkin flavor.

We sent hers back again. The third time, we got a regular iced coffee with pumpkin flavor – but this time, not a latte (the employee claimed that we “didn’t say” we wanted a latte, except the same woman had taken our order in the first place, and it said “latte” on our receipt, so obviously we had specified this).

Once again, we sent it back (at this point, my sandwich was ready, so my wife took the sandwich and the other coffee back to the car). Her coffee came out a fourth time and it looked correct, but just to be extra sure, I said to the woman, “just to confirm, this is an iced decaf pumpkin latte?” She said, “yes, that’s correct.”

I brought the coffee out to my wife in the car. She took one sip and realized it was regular (not decaf), and STILL not pumpkin. And…my sandwich had cheese on it (and it did say “no cheese” on the receipt).

The whole ordeal took nearly half an hour, and the people behind us had started complaining because we (unintentionally) held up the whole line.

I can understand getting the order wrong once or even twice if it’s particularly busy, but SIX times (between my coffee, my sandwich, and her coffee) is ridiculous! And seeing as how she STILL didn’t end up with the coffee she wanted, we actually drove to a Starbucks and ordered the pumpkin latte there. Came out perfect the first time!

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