Sprint Customer Finds Naked Pictures On Her Repaired Cellphone

A woman in Colorado had her eyes burned out by images of “nude women and male genitals” on her cellphone’s new(ish) memory card, reports KRDO.com. She says the Sprint employees who worked on her phone must have known it was there, since they’re the ones who swapped in the new card. She’s pretty upset: “If [young family members] had seen those pictures, it could have ruined them for life.”

She says Sprint gave her a $100 credit and offered to pay for a visit to a psychologist. Sprint told the news station that it’s still investigating and won’t comment on the incident.

This might be a good time to mention that you should always erase everything from your phone and reformat the available memory, both before you get rid of it and when you buy a used one. It’s an easy enough trick and it keeps you in control of what you see or read, and of what you share with strangers.

“Calhan Woman Finds Porn on Repaired Phone” [KRDO.com]

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