Keep Your Small Dog Info To Yourself; The Person Calling You Doesn't Need To Know

Here’s a weird possible scam going around. Our reader Chris writes, “Every day for the past week, I’ve been getting an automated call that asks me, ‘This is Survey 2010. Do you have a small dog?'”

Chris notes that he’s not the only person receiving these calls. One commenter over at Connecticut Watchdog says she answered yes, at which point the caller “said something that was incoherent” and hung up.

The general theory, which I suppose can be extended to any randomly weird phone call, is that the caller is attempting to record you saying yes to something so that he can say you authorized a purchase of some sort. Your best strategy is to say nothing, hang up, and report the call to the FCC.

“Do NOT Respond To Survey Calls Or To Dogs Barking On The Phone” [Connecticut Watchdog]

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