Best Fraud Spam Ever

Something about this spammed fraud attempt that landed in our inbox amused me. Maybe it was the chicken burgers for mother.

From: [redacted]

My name is [redacted] i will like to order for chicken burger for 150 guest and it will be picked up by 6Pm on the 17th of September for my Mothers b-day party it will be pickup by private carrier and so can i want you to give me the total cost and let me know if you accept credit card


I would like to believe that somewhere out there is a thoughtful son who needs to buy one-hundred and fifty chicken burger patties for his mother’s birthday, but sadly, this being the cynical age we live in where people come up with some of the most cockamamie ideas for advance fee fraud – the key fraud word in this email is “private carrier” – that’s not the case.

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