18 Percent Of People Think Economy Is Just Fine

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey finds that 81 percent of respondents say the economy is crap, while 18 percent say it’s “good.”

The people who think the economy is good must live in pockets of the country in which friends and family have skated by without losing their jobs or having their pay frozen and benefits slashed. Either that or they just have extremely low standards of what they consider to be a good economy.

If you want a closer look at the numbers, download this PDF.

The scientific poll — its margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent — also says a third of Americans say the economy has gotten better and is on the upswing, while a fifth say the landscape has improved but we’re headed into another recession.

What do you think about the economy and the direction it’s headed?

CNN Poll: Number of people who say economy in very poor shape on rise [CNN Political Ticker via Fark]

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