Target Sells Facebook Gift Cards

This holiday season, give the gift of Mafia Wars addiction with Facebook gift cards from Target.

Available in $15, $25, and $50 denomination, the gift cards let the recipient purchase premium items in Facebook games and applications, like Mafia Wars crates, Farmville coins and more.

Best of all, kids too young to have access to a credit card or too honest to copy down the numbers on their parents’ can now pedal down to the local Target and swap their allowances for Facebook virtual currency.

Target to sell Facebook Credits gift cards [USA Today]


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  1. Southern says:


  2. maggiebr67 says:

    None of the games I play (Fish Wrangler and Bushwacker) accept FB credits. I have been stuck with 5.00 worth for over a month.

  3. mandy_Reeves says:

    hooray!!! sorority life ftw! however, you can buuy the game specific cards at 7-11 and gamestop

  4. maggiebr67 says:

    None of the games I play (Fish Wrangler and Bushwacker) accept FB credits. I have been stuck with 5.00 worth for over a month.

  5. deadandy says:

    All those infomercials from years ago were right. If you can get away with selling people something that isn’t an actual product, you can make millions from your home office!

  6. maggiebr67 says:

    None of the games I play (Fish Wrangler and Bushwacker) accept FB credits. I have been stuck with 5.00 worth for over a month.

  7. Stickdude says:

    I’m curious. Do Fish Wrangler and Bushwacker accept FB credit?

  8. Groanan says:

    I approve of this gift card (which trades real money that can be spent anywhere for money that can only be spent in one spot) because it is for virtual goods.

    I cannot buy virtual goods for myself, I cannot justify spending money on online game status.
    If someone else spends money for virtual goods for me, I get to enjoy the goods guilt free!

    Regular gift cards are no fun at all, unless they come with a discount.

  9. BDSanta2001 says:

    I couldn’t regift this fast enough.

  10. Joseph S Ragman says:

    I’ll rush right out and buy some of those …

    … the minute Target takes back that donation to MNForward

  11. tbax929 says:

    I’ve had a Facebook account for a long time and had no idea that those games I see status updates for cost money. I’m not saying I’m surprised that they do; I’m actually surprised I didn’t know that.

    Does this apply to Farmville, which is what most of my FB friends seem to play? I wonder why I thought those games were free!

    • Dalsnsetters says:

      They don’t cost money to play but if you *want* to spend real money you can and buy things to make your character better. I play Mafia Wars, Tiki Farm, and My Vineyard and I refuse to spend real money on them. Flat out refuse. We call players who *do* spend real money “plastic players.”

      • Southern says:

        Right, you CAN play for free, but if you want to do special things in the game, such as grow your crops instantly (instead of waiting hours, or even days, for the crops to reach maturity), buy special decorations, or build buildings instantly instead of asking your FB Friends to send you upwards of 50 items, then you can do this by spending RL money.

        Basically it just helps you level faster, build things faster, and get special decorations that aren’t otherwise generally available to people who don’t spend RL money on the game.

  12. valen says:

    I can finally convert my non-spendable unemployment earnings to Farmville coins. Awesomeness.

  13. EarthAngel says:

    But why?

  14. EarthAngel says:

    Question #2

    Can someone use their EBT card to pay for this?

    • Jemaine says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if one can. I have been told one with an EBT card can buy energy drinks, which is bloody sad.

  15. dvdchris says:


  16. Mr.Grieves says:

    God damn I hate gift cards. I beg everyone I know not to support them.

  17. pixiestix says:

    I hope these Facebook Credit gift cards come with a free psych evaluation. Do you really NEED to BUY penguins for your VIRTUAL facebook farm? If so, let us please remove you from the gene pool.

  18. lhfan04 says:

    Great, I can see it now… “I saw these facebook gift cards in Target, are they now charging for membership?”

    Good job Facebook

  19. Talisker says:

    I can see hundreds of thousands of grandmas buying these because they know that their grandkid uses the Facebook. They won’t have any idea what the credits are used for, but they’ll buy them anyway.

  20. Ixnayer says:

    If somebody gave me a facebook gift card, I would be pissed off, and they would be getting regifts from me for the rest of their lives.