Add Discover To The List Of Credit Cards That Allow Minimum Purchase Requirements

Yesterday, we told you how Visa and AMEX now allow merchants to require customers up to a $10 minimum for credit card payments and how MasterCard will soon be changing their policy to allow for the same. We’d naively hoped that Discover — who hadn’t yet replied to our query — would be the lone holdout, but… not so much.

Finally heard back from a rep at Discover, who tells Consumerist:

Discover allows merchants to impose a $10 minimum purchase requirement on credit transactions consistent with the Dodd-Frank Act as long as the minimum is applied to all issuers and payment networks.

We’ve also reached out to all the major fast food chains to see if they will allow their franchisees to begin requiring minimums, since an under-$10 credit card transaction is a pretty common thing. As soon as we begin hearing back from them, we’ll let you know.

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