Sacramento TV Station Airs First Ever Ad For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

KTXL in Sacramento is toking tooting its own horn a bit this week, claiming that they are the first TV station in the US to air an ad for a medical marijuana dispensary.

The ad, for Sacramento-based organization CannaCare, never actually mentions the words “marijuana” or “pot,” though it does refer to the numerous medical uses for cannabis.

In a statement, KTXL’s general manager explains:

It is a matter of record within the medical community that medical marijuana can have positive results in helping relieve nausea and vomiting among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and increasing appetites among AIDS patients… When viewers watch the [advertisement] on air, they can see it’s simply identifying this as an avenue to take if your doctor thinks it will help you feel better.

The general manager says that, at least through yesterday, he hadn’t heard of any negative response to the spot.

After all, having to explain to your children about medical marijuana can’t be any stranger than explaining why Jimmy Johnson is shilling for Extenze or why Jamie Lee Curtis wants women to keep video diaries of how Activia yogurt makes them poop more regularly.

KTXL Airs What’s Said To Be First-Ever Pot Spot []

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  1. apd09 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have definitely smoked enough pot in a single session to actually cause myself nausea and vomiting before.

    • SonarTech52 says:

      You werent doing it right… lol

      • apd09 says:

        Oh trust me, I was doing it right. I just did too much of it. You been in a last person standing session? Depending on how many people are there you have multiple going and when one goes out, you light another, then one by one people drop off to see who can smoke the most.

        • SonarTech52 says:

          I can see it happening with a blunt.. dunno about “water pipe” or a J

          • SonarTech52 says:

            for clarification.. a blunt wrapper can cause nausea, but I dont believe straight green does.

            • apd09 says:

              yeah, it usually happened when blunts were involved.

              • bigTrue says:

                A) doing this and things like it is about as smart as 21 shots on your 21st bday.
                B) blunt wraps are usually some sort of cheap cigar wrapper laced with a flavor. Cigars, traditionally, aren’t meant to be inhaled fully, or in very small amounts. Not sucked down to get high off of.
                C) This is also a waste of really good weed or less of a waste of regs.

      • sonneillon says:

        Remember it is still a drug and different people handle drugs differently. Some people die from taking a aspirin or two. Genetic variance and all that jazz.

    • Mr.DuckSauce says:

      Your not suppose to drink the bong water for extra effects.

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      I was in a *room* with people smoking a bong and got sick, almost violently ill.

  2. Thyme for an edit button says:

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. Better than “feminine hygiene” ads (FYI, ladies, chemically doused hoohaw = confidence!)

    I lived down the street from a dispensary in Sacramento and it was better than having an empty storefront on the street. It was right next to the hydroponic gardening store. Convenient.

  3. BuyerOfGoods3 says:

    One small step for man, one giant leap for the sick, injured and dying.

    Nice job, Sacramento.

  4. jhar says:

    For as much media attention this dispensary is getting, both locally and nationally, it is one of the lowest class places i’ve ever been into. It’s dingy, the employees are disheveled, and they’re so paranoid that you can’t even text on your phone in their waiting room. They also oppose Prop 19 which would make Cannibis legal in CA, therefore cutting into their hefty profits.

    I wouldn’t smoke their weed with YOUR lungs.

  5. nova3930 says:

    DEA raid in 3…2….1…

  6. cvt2010 says:

    Big deal. I live in Denver, and we have tons of radio ads for dispensaries.

    • Me - now with more humidity says:

      Uh… this is a TV ad.

      • cvt2010 says:

        Um, yes. That’s why I said we have *radio* ads, instead of saying “hey we already have those!!!”. I’m basically saying that tons of people listen to FM radio, there are already ads on radio, and therefore it’s not a big deal that it’s coming to tv.

    • Groanan says:

      We have had them in California on rock radio stations for years as well.
      This is not really that big of a story, the media just wants it to be.

    • spanky says:

      There’s been at least one TV commercial for a dispensary here, too. I saw one months ago.

  7. spanky says:

    There have been TV commercials for dispensaries here in Colorado for a while now.

    I can’t remember whether they were on network TV or cable stations, though, so maybe this is the first one on a network station?

  8. Intellectual Views says:

    I love the following reference:
    After all, having to explain to your children about medical marijuana can’t be any stranger than explaining why…Jamie Lee Curtis wants women to keep video diaries of how Activia yogurt makes them poop more regularly.

  9. Mark702 says:

    They’re not the first. Cannabis TV airs in Oregon and has aired many MMJ advertisements. Learn more at

  10. Master Medic: Now with more Haldol says:

    Aside from where you stand on the issue, have you seen the people who go into these places? I’ve never seen so many 20-somethings suffering from debilitating diseases.

    • daveinva says:


      Full disclosure: I’m in favor of marijuana legalization for social use.

      That said, I find the medical marijauna movement and its champions absolutely preposterous. For every one person who might get some legitimate relief from it, there are 99 people who are in line simply for convenient dope, carrying their “doctor’s” note.

      Simple thought experiment: if we could take all of the supposed pain-relieving effects of marijuana and put it in a pill that didn’t get you high, would anyone at all have lobbied this much to get it “medically” dispensed? Hell, there are hundreds of far more valuable, potentially life-saving drugs out there waiting for approval, you don’t see any of those generating statewide ballot initiatives. Gee, how freakin’ peculiar.

      • spanky says:

        Seriously? Do you really not know why MM required ballot initiatives, and other drugs don’t?

        It’s not the same thing as FDA approval.

        • daveinva says:

          No, I have no clue why. I’m that much of a moron, it’s amazing I’m even *using* a computer rather than just staring at a dark screen on my desk.

          / sarcasm.

          My point was, for the same effort people expended getting medical marijuana approved those same people could do much more good pushing for relaxed & expedited FDA approval of countless drugs (and greater OTC access to prescription drugs) that would be of far greater medicinal value than pot. Instead, however, they chose to push for legal pot.

          I’d like it legal, but I’d enjoy it if the 35-year-old “It’s for my glaucoma!” frauds could finally admit that they really only wanted it legal so they could spark up and relax.

          • monkapotamus says:

            Im sorry but what you are suggesting is just stupid. Im not trying to be mean, but what makes you think that a more “relaxed” approval system for the FDA is even remotely a good idea. Drugs get recalled all the time because of harsh side effects that were overlooked. The reason pot has so many dedicated supporters and some other pharmaceuticals may not, is because, on top of all the scientific evidence, there are tons of people that have significant experience using it, and dont just need to take someone else’s word for it. I think you really underestimate pots incredibly broad medicinal effects too. I agree there are probably lots of people that have prescriptions that just want to use it recreationally, but you seem to think that people refuse to admit that. Ever been to a 420 rally, or a concert, or a high school… its not a secret, its just not legal. The point is that people who need it, who wouldnt otherwise be able to get it, now have legal access to it.

          • Conformist138 says:

            Ok, but I have a cancer patient friend who is now a pro. Since he was 13, he’s had bone cancer three times and is a walking miracle. Pot has been his savior. He didn’t start using it until this last time, before it was all the other “normal” painkillers. He hated them all, they never worked very well, they had other side effects, and often he would just be passed out.

            Now, he’s managed to work full-time while undergoing chemo. I support legalizing pot and making it as simple to purchase as a case of beer, but short of full legalization, I support letting the cancer patients go first.

      • Joseph S Ragman says:

        They already did that … it’s called Marinol … have heard it doesn’t work worth a damn, though

      • Gulliver says:

        See the difference is marijuana can not be deemed anything by the FDA. It is a plant. There has never been a single case of any person dying from THC overdose (unlike any prescription drug). There never has been a drug that has been “invented” that goes through the FDA protocols that works as well as THC. There is none safer, but why keep it illegal. RJ Reynolds and Miller brewing. I would ask those that are for free markets so much in other posts, why they are not for the free market of marijuana or other drugs. Consistency demands that if marijuana were legal or did not perform as advertised it would have no market. The issue is, THE STUFF WORKS.
        By the way, having two grandmothers and a mother go through breast cancer, I will promise you the illegal drugs saved their lives more than the legal shit they poisoned them with.

    • Mewf says:

      You do know that a lot of those people going in are not just patients, but their caregivers…i.e. the people growing for the patients…many patients are too disabled (i.e. cancer) to grow for themselves, do not have the knowledge (yes, it’s not simply just water & walk away), or simply don’t want the responsibility (work) or growing.

      • Mewf says:

        ^of growing

      • Master Medic: Now with more Haldol says:

        Here in Denver we have dispersaries. They are pentiful, as in the multiple hundreds within the city. Nearly every one has a cutesy “stoner” tagline name. (My favorite is Bud Medic). I see in my daily drive around the “typical person” who enters these shops. While I admit the young, 20-something virle males who are almost the only ones I ever see entering MAY be caregivers, it’s my experience that this is a lie told by the MM supporters..

        The CO law is written in a way that a Dr can write the Rx for any medical condition he deems fit that marijuana is a viable treatment. Naturally, as part of my duties I run on folks who are users. Many are proud that they have the Rx. Here are some examples.

        18 Yo Male whose mother approved the Rx due to Back Spasms from a Sno-Board accident. Who I picked up following an skate board fall with a broken leg.

        23 Yo Male with the inability to keep food down due to severe leg pain due broken Tibia 4 years previous. This kid weighed 325#

        43 Yo male complaining of acute chest pain. Turns out he’s just a hippy who was having a heart attack. Based on his statements he has NO OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS.

        All of these pts had valid MM cards for their personal use. I can give plenty more. But here’s the thing, I’m good with it being legalized, but the whole “it’s the only drug with any effacy to treat my pain” is a load of BS. The legalization movemement has used, fraudulently in my opinion the suffering of those that really do recieve some benefit in order to just allow anyone the (state level) right to get high.

    • guroth says:

      *debilitating boredom


  11. bdcw says:

    That is simply not true. Cannabis Planet has been on KJLA (over the air) for years and frequently has ads for local dispensaries.

  12. kitty says:


    (Sounded better than pot, what can I say)

    QP a month, baby!

  13. Nick1693 says:

    MRSA? Hasn’t that been more effectively treated by antibiotics?

    • Groanan says:

      Why does it matter?

      The more drugs that work on the market, the better.

      Some people respond better to certain drugs than others, and it seems that with marijuana it is far easier for persons to regulate things such as pain or nausea by taking only the amount needed to remove the pain/nausea without getting high or groggy as they would with conventional medicines.

    • Conformist138 says:

      Sure, if you want to treat everything with antibiotics, and put antibiotics in the food, and pop a few “just in case”- if it doesn’t need antibiotics, then alternative options are a good thing.

  14. NickelMD says:

    What’s amazing is that Sac beat SF. I’m in both cities frequently. In certain parts of SF you feel like you are being hotboxed just walking down the street. Sac…. not so much.

  15. Darrone says:

    Daves not here man.

  16. RobbyA says:

    Watch the girl at the end almost crack up as they fade to black…

  17. peebozi says:

    i wish illegal pot growers would take a note from the banks and insurance industries and spend heavily on bribing our politicians too.

  18. rubicthecube says:

    Here’s why it’s not FDA approved. IT CAN’T BE PATENTED.

  19. AllanG54 says:

    My father in law was prescribed medical marijuana. My mother in law decided she didn’t want to give it to him even though it was in pill form. She chucked it. I still haven’t forgiven her.