Sacramento TV Station Airs First Ever Ad For Medical Marijuana Dispensary

KTXL in Sacramento is toking tooting its own horn a bit this week, claiming that they are the first TV station in the US to air an ad for a medical marijuana dispensary.

The ad, for Sacramento-based organization CannaCare, never actually mentions the words “marijuana” or “pot,” though it does refer to the numerous medical uses for cannabis.

In a statement, KTXL’s general manager explains:

It is a matter of record within the medical community that medical marijuana can have positive results in helping relieve nausea and vomiting among cancer patients receiving chemotherapy and increasing appetites among AIDS patients… When viewers watch the [advertisement] on air, they can see it’s simply identifying this as an avenue to take if your doctor thinks it will help you feel better.

The general manager says that, at least through yesterday, he hadn’t heard of any negative response to the spot.

After all, having to explain to your children about medical marijuana can’t be any stranger than explaining why Jimmy Johnson is shilling for Extenze or why Jamie Lee Curtis wants women to keep video diaries of how Activia yogurt makes them poop more regularly.

KTXL Airs What’s Said To Be First-Ever Pot Spot []

Thanks to Klay for the tip!

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