Fast Food Advertising Vs. Reality: Quiznos Baja Chicken Sandwich

Sarah writes that her recent experience at Quiznos was bad enough that she doesn’t plan to ever return. Looking at the pictures she sent in and the description of what happened, we can see why. She was served something that sort of resembled a Baja Chicken sandwich, but wasn’t much like it at all.

I went to Quiznos in [redacted] today for lunch and ordered the Baja Chicken sandwich. Now I’m not stupid and I understand that what you see is never what you get but is it really to much to ask that it at least be in the general vicinity?

The listed ingridents for the Baja Chicken sandwich are Chicken, bacon, cheddar, red onions, Mild Chipotle Mayo, Sweet & Smoky Baja Sauce.

What I ordered:

What I got:


As you can see from my picture they decided to swap out the red onions and the Baja sauce for lettuce. There are so many things different between the menu picture and what I paid for its ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that they made my husband the wrong sandwich entirely and the place was so smoky from burning sandwiches in the toaster that it made my eyes burn.

This was by far the worst visit to Quiznos I have ever had. I didn’t bring this all up to anyone there and I probably won’t, I have already made up my mind to not go there again.

Sarah, it’s a really good idea to bring all of this up to someone, even if it’s just sending this same e-mail that you sent to Consumerist to Quizno’s corporate or the franchise owner. Something is terrible wrong at this store, and if it’s going to be fixed, customers never returning without saying why won’t be the reason. Complain.

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