GTD For Money

Are you a fan of the GTD personal productivity system? Well if you like “Getting Things Done,” here’s GFD, Getting Finances Done, which shows you how to map David Allen’s same principals to managing your personal finance and achieving your financial goals.

Applying GTD principles to your personal finances – Part 1 [Getting Finances Done]


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  1. AllanG54 says:

    Financial system you can trust. This is one’s BRAIN. If you don’t have the willpower and the drive then all the stats and software and budgeting don’t mean anything. Avoiding spending when you can’t afford it, buying things on impulse, etc. all comes back to what you’re thinking at the time and how you react to it. If you can’t trust your own mind and make the right decision then what’s the point.

    • jnads says:


      I don’t keep a budget, but everytime I buy something, I ask myself “is that really necessary”. I usually end up not buying it.

      Definitely saved up a lot of money because of that.

  2. amoayed08 says:

    Wow, a Wu Tang reference. Nice.

    • DariusC says:

      Nice catch! I gotta listen to that song! Consumerist editors are actually cool now! At least Ben is… Maybe Chris too… yeah…

  3. mac-phisto says:

    wow. way too much work for me all at once. i guess that’s why i could never get into the whole GTD mindset. from start, it’s like trying to clean a trashed bathroom with a toothbrush. i’d get about 4 tiles in before i moved on to something else.

    i took a different approach when i started budgeting. i accounted for all the major stuff that’s easy to track (rent/mortgage, utilities, car) & dumped everything else into a misc. category. then, little by little, i began refining that misc. category – food, clothing, vacation, etc. when i started, a large portion of my expenses (something like 10%) was categorized as misc., but now it’s less than 1%. most of that was recategorized, but i was also able to curtail a significant portion.

  4. The hand that feeds, now with more bacon says:

    Isn’t “GFD” a standard abbreviation for a particularly vulgar interjection?