Man Crams Soaking Pool, Video Lounge, Cafe Into 182 Sq Ft Apartment

Steve Sauer’s “pico-dwelling” is a 182 sq ft apartment he has managed to cram a soaking pool, video lounge, and cafe into without feeling cramped in the slightest. Most of the furniture comes from IKEA, natch.

The entire apartment has three living levels in a 11-feet-3-inches wide, by 16-feet-2-inches deep, by 10-feet-4-inches tall space. It contains two beds, a full kitchen with dishwasher, a bathroom with shower, closet space, a dining table, and storage for two bikes. One of the major design secrets was to include three living levels within the space.

The dwelling was seven years in the making. Steve’s day job is designing aircraft interiors for Boeing so he has a bit of a leg up on the average DIY-er. His site shows his steps.

An amazingly inspiring and economical use of space.

Tiny apartment shows the value of a good fit [Seattle Times via Tiny House Blog]

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