Look Out For These Fees As Bank Legislation Goes Into Full Effect

This is the first business day financial institutions have been required to give existing checking account customers the choice to opt in to overdraft protection. Since banks are looking for ways to make up for the lost revenue by sticking it to customers in other ways, they’ve dreamed up some new ways to trick you out of your money.

Some increased fees and other tricks to watch out for, according to the Seattle Times:

• Increased or new annual fees.

• Increased interest rates.

• Increased late-payment fees.

• Shortened billing cycles to require faster payments (minimum is now 21 days).

• Added fees for not using the card or not charging a minimum amount.

• Higher fees for using the card outside of the country.

If you’ve noticed your bank getting any sneakier with its fees recently, tell us what you’ve spotted.

Watch for new fees as consumer laws take effect [Seattle Times]

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