Fly JetBlue Unlimited With $499 "All You Can Jet" Pass

JetBlue has brought back its very popular “All You Can Jet” pass which let you take an unlimited number of flights between Sep. 7 and Oct 6. for only $499-$699. Last year the AYCJs sold out very quickly. They are on sale now and you can start booking trips on Aug 23.

You have to be a “TrueBlue” frequent flyer club member to participate. The $499 passes exclude Friday and Saturday travel.

Of the deal, Airefarewatchdog’s George Hobica told Consumerist, “Fares are up this year compared to last, so it’s an even better deal especially when you consider the $499 option – as long as you use it.”

And, it’s a great way to get everyone to stop talking about Steven Slater.

All You Can Jet [JetBlue]

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