J. Crew Launching Online Outlet Stores

Soon you won’t have to drive out for 45 minutes to that weird quasi-town to experience the delights of J. Crew outlet shopping. Starting next month, J.Crew will offer its outlet-store clothing online. If you’re a fan of their preppy vestments, that’s good news as its outlet stuff usually goes for 30% below merchandise cost.

J.Crew Outlet Coming Online [J. Crew Aficionada]


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  1. Jimmy37 says:

    Outlet store online?? Sounds like legal theft. Beware!

    Outlet stores no longer carry discontinued lines, or seconds. There are too many of them. They carry stuff specifically made for the store. It’s usually made of cheaper material.

    • HannahK says:

      Have you been to a J. Crew outlet? There’s pretty much no pretense that the clothes are the same ones sold in regular J. Crew stores. It’s kind of like J. Crew lite. You can get a $30 merino version of a $200 cashmere sweater, or virtually identical mens shirts for $20. I don’t think the online outlet store would do well if they were only selling factory seconds and clearance items, they already do that on their main website. People are looking for the J. Crew aesthetic at a more affordable price. I don’t think anyone is getting duped.

      • Chaosium says:

        “People are looking for the J. Crew aesthetic at a more affordable price.”

        I agree with this.

        “I don’t think anyone is getting duped.”

        Depends on how you look at it. I’ve bought stuff from outlet stores because I’m under the expectation that these are the same clothes available in their upmarket retail stores. They are not. The stitching is worse, the fabrics are of a lesser quality, and the fitting is more dumpy. They’re not worth 30% less some inflated MSRP they were NEVER SOLD AT. I don’t know about JCrew’s offerings, but a lot of brands offer flea-market quality at two to three times the flea-market prices.

        • Blueberry Scone says:

          This raises an important question – if the stores in outlet malls are inferior products (poor stitching, shoddy material, etc.), why do these clothing companies make things for their outlet stores? If I bought a shirt from an outlet store that was of an inferior material and fell apart after I washed it, I would probably be turned off of the entire brand.

          That being said, there was a factory outlet mall in Kenosha that was really good. They sold last season’s (even last year’s) stuff, and had a lot of oddly-shaped jeans and off-color socks. THAT is what belongs in a true factory outlet store.

          • Gulliver says:

            Many outlet stores bring seconds and imperfect items to the outlet stores. I do not expect the same quality at an outlet store over a “normal store”

          • Chaosium says:

            Generally because different demographics would be drawn to the outlet and to the “upscale” store.

  2. Bohemian says:

    I wish more of them would do this. I rarely make it to the outlet malls.

  3. apd09 says:

    A bit off topic of J. Crew outlet online but relevant to online outlets, has anyone ever bought from http://www.us-burberryoutlet.com/ ? My wife made a purchase from there and they responded the next day that there was a problem with the computer system and they asked her again for the item number and the cost of the item. Not any personal info, just wanted to know what she was ordering.

    I wonder if this is a real site from Burberry, knock-offs, or an illegal retail organization that is selling stolen merchandise.

    I told my wife as long as they do not ask for personal info give them what they asked for and if there is a problem just do a charge back on the card.

  4. zandar says:

    So, what does this mean in the context of stories like this? https://consumerist.com/2009/08/how-outlet-malls-fool-shoppers.html

    With no “local” on the internet, there’s no local factory to get real seconds from to begin with. This couldn’t possibly be anything but a new marketing angle for the same old stuff.

  5. CherieBerry says:

    You can catch really great deals on their website. Sale items, 30% off already reduced prices. I am a Aficionada but I refuse to pay retail. Also, I’ve never been satisfied with the quality of their outlet line.

  6. Dallas_shopper says:

    I love the J. Crew outlet and everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been both reasonably priced and very good quality. I can’t wait for the online version. Bring it on.

  7. DoubleEcho says:

    J. Crew – the official clothing line of New Canaan, CT.

    Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s like a living, breathing J. Crew advertisement. Complete with the dbags with the sweaters tied around their necks.