Grocery Shrink Ray Minimizes My Brownies

Maurice took this beauty shot of two generations of Betty Crocker’s Turtle brownie mix side-by-side. The new version, on the right, gives you less brownie for the same cost. By his calculations, the new version, meant to fill out a 64 square inch pan, makes barely more than half as many brownies as the old, which were suited to a 117 square-inch pan.

He writes:

Attached is a photo of Betty Crocker’s Turtle Brownie mix, the old package size was 20.75 oz the new package is 17.6 oz. Old package make 9×13 pan of brownies, the new package makes an 8×8 pan. The tag is for the new size, but the price is the same for the larger package.

At least it’s less embarrassing and diet-damaging to devour an entire pan of brownies with the rebooted, withered Betty Crocker Turtles.