Can A Pirate Ship Game Teach Kids About Money?

Parsons design and technology thesis students came up with a pirate ship board game that has the twin goals of teaching personal finance to kids and not sucking.

Roll the device, advance around the board, assemble a crew, buy a cannon, buy a ship, collect gold, fight monsters and take on Poseidon!

Players earn compounding gold coin interest for gold they’ve deposited in the treasure chest (i.e. bank). Money in there is safe from when Moby Dick attacks you (teaching value of saving). Withdrawal penalties accrue when you’re not at the treasure chest (teaching about retirement savings accounts).


The first player who collects 20 gold coins wins!

It’s only a prototype, but the idea is neat. Certainly does a better job of teaching kids about money than Candyland.

Financial Education Game Presentation (Chris Choi, Burcum Turkmen, Ricardo Grego) [MFADT Thesis Site] (Thanks to c-side!)

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