Breastfeeding Moms Stage "Nurse-In" At Arizona McDonald's

A manager at a McDonald’s in Glendale, AZ, recently asked a woman to leave the building after she began nursing her baby in the restaurant. That manager is obviously not a reader of Consumerist, or else they would have been prepared for the inevitable backlash, which came this weekend in the form of dozens of moms staging a “nurse-in” inside the McD’s.

The protesters all gathered at the Glendale Golden Arches on Saturday and started nursing at the same time. And, in spite of being the catalyst for the protest, the woman who had originally been kicked out for breastfeeding her 6-month-old son said the nurse-in was about the bigger picture.

“This is not about me today, this is about showing support and the fact that McDonald’s needs to change their policies,” she explained.

McDonald’s, however, says it doesn’t need to change its policies because “it has never been our policy to ask nursing mothers to leave our restaurant. This was a mistake. All employees are required to comply with local, state and federal laws.”

Arizona law “entitles a mother to breastfeed in any public place where the mother is otherwise lawfully present.”

In fact, the group of nursing moms were not asked to leave the eatery at any point during the protest and word from management is that it won’t happen again.

For a detailed listing of nursing laws in every state, click here.

Valley moms hold nurse-in at Glendale McDonalds []

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