How To Trick Verizon's Website Into Cutting $30 Off Phone Cost

Rob stumbled onto a secret maneuver that could save potential Verizon customers $30 on a phone upgrade. You just need to go through the motions of setting up a plan and selecting a phone then try to close the browser.

Rob says when he closed the site a retention mechanism offered him $30 off. He followed through with the order and the coupon worked.

He writes:

I don’t know if this is a widely known deal, but I just got the chance to save $30 on a Verizon smartphone. I was shopping for a Blackberry Tour and data plan for my business, selecting a plan and features just to see what the cost would come out to. I was on the checkout page (where it summarizes what you chose and the costs) and noted the prices, but I wasn’t going to buy it just then because it was a big expenditure and I wanted to consult my partner first.

When I tried to close the tab, a pop-up dialog box said I would get $30 off the smartphone if I stayed on the page. Sure enough, I didn’t close the tab and a promo code was entered to lower the cost of the Tour by $30. I’ve seen this type of promotion on webhosting sites, but it was the first time I’d come across it on Verizon. If I do end up buying the Tour, this will be a nifty trick. Sometimes it pays to change your mind.

Let us know whether or not the hidden coupon works for you.

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