Couple Says Real Estate Agent Used Their Home For Sex

Earlier this month, a couple in Minnesota filed a lawsuit against a local Coldwell Banker franchise and a real estate agent the company employed, alleging that the agent used the home for sexcapades while they were out of town, ruining their furniture, bedding and carpet. Neighbors say he showed up one day with an unidentified man and said they were going to be preparing the home for an open house, but no open house was held. Or at least not one the neighbors could see; maybe he uses that phrase in a different way.

The lawsuit also alleges that someone used the [plaintiffs’] computer while they were away, which no one had permission to use, and charged $1,300 to their American Express account.

CBB spent more than $7,000 to clean the home, fix the damage and replace the furniture. The couple, however, said that even after the cleaning they have found incense and lubricants around the house and soiled and “sticky substances” and no longer feel safe there.

[The agent] was fired and denies any wrong doing.

WCCO reports that the couple included the company in the lawsuit because they hired the agent even though he had a criminal history. The suit alleges the company “had received a complaint that Skar was involved in drug dealing and male prostitution, but they didn’t investigate it.”

“Couple Sues Real Estate Agent For Sex In House” [WCCO] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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