Best Buy Promised A Forgive-Me Gift Card, Pretends It Didn't

After complaining on Twitter about a Best Buy customer service failure, a company rep said she would give him a $25 gift card. Now his emails go unanswered and he’s thinking he won’t get the reward.

He writes:

Late in June, my car was broken into and my stereo was stolen. I saved cash for a new stereo and installation (and a new window!), and picked up a replacement stereo. I went to the [redacted], VA Best Buy’s mobile installation bay thinking maybe I’d be able to get it installed without an appointment – I was leaving for the beach later that day and needed to have music for the drive.

I pulled around behind the store. The sign on the door said the install bay opened at 10 AM. It was about 12:30, and the door was locked. I went in and asked the manager what was going on, and nobody was scheduled until 3 or 4.

Frustrated, I went to an auto shop down the road from my apartment and paid $25 more for the same service. While waiting, I posted on Twitter about my experience. Shortly after, I got a reply from [redacted] offering to help resolve the situation. She sent me her email address so we could work things out.

I asked if she could add the points for the purchase I would’ve made to my Reward Zone account. The rep said no, but she’d be able to send me a $25 gift card. I passed along my address and my gratitude.

Sounds like a rare case of Best Buy’s customer service actually serving the customer, but a month later I still haven’t received the gift card, and I haven’t received a reply to a few emails I’ve sent.

Heellooo, Best Buy? Are you out there?

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