All HDMI Cables Are Pretty Much The Same

MSNBC’s HD Guru blog skewers the shifty HDMI cable industry, which is based on ridiculous, unsupported claims of higher data speed, frame rates and refresh rates in exchange for exorbitant prices.

This is an issue we’ve brought up many times before, but it bears repeating as more and more people invite HDTVs into their homes. The MSNBC post goes into exhaustive technical detail to explain why all HDMI cables are basically built the same, although some are built with materials that can withstand multiple detachments/re-attachments better than others. Any numbers and claims of being “high speed” are basically gibberish.

Here’s the money quote from the post:

To summarize, buying a more expensive HDMI “High Speed” cable — regardless of labeling or what a salesman tells you — will not give you any improvement in picture quality.

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Buyer beware: Misleading HDMI cable labels suggest needless upgrades [MSNBC HD Guru]
(Thanks, Steve!)

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