Use "Remember The Milk" To Organize Your Bills

Keeping track of what bills need to be paid when and how much can be a hassle. Here’s how you can use the long-time fave productivity and to-do list management tool “Remember The Milk” to simplify it.

Over in the Remember The Milk forums andrewcilento says what he does is:

1. For each bill, I set up a new task named after the bill in question and the day of the month it’s generally due (for example, my AT&T bill is usually due on the 5th of every month, though occasionally it’ll be on the 8th).
2. I set it up to repeat monthly.
3. If it’s a bill that has a fixed monthly minimum payment (student loans, car payments, etc.) I add that information in a note, along with the URL to log into the site if online billing is available.
4. Set as priority level 2. I use priority solely so that when I look at my list of tasks in Gmail (using the Firefox extension), which is where I see them most often, I can immediately tell what bills, if any, are due soon. I use priority level 2 because I like the color, but any other level would work just as well for this purpose.
5. Tag as “bill.” I saved a search for “tag:bill” so that they’re all grouped together.

…When I get my statements every month, I open them up, check the due date and minimum payment and adjust each task accordingly, and then file the statements away so they don’t clutter up my desk.

Nifty. Remember The Milk is a robust list-management system that you can use in your browser, on your desktop and on your phone.

What do you use to keep a handle on all your bills? Sound off in the comments!

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