Nitpicky Bank Robber Outs Himself With Pissy E-Mails To Press & Police

A bank robber in Germany was so angered by inaccuracies given by police and reported in the newspapers that he felt compelled to send them indignant e-mails with his corrections. And while his correspondence might have served to clear up the public record of his robbery, they also led cops right to his doorstep.

After reading news stores about his heist, the 19-year-old criminal wrote to the police and two newspapers to mock them for getting his age, height, mode of escape and accent wrong.

It took all of a few hours for police to track him down and arrest him in a Hamburg gambling hall.

“His game of cat and mouse went all wrong,” a police spokesman said. “He was completely shocked.”

Now if only they could track down the guy who called up Wendy’s twice to complain about the small amount of cash he was able to steal from their register.

Robber nabbed after mocking police in email [Reuters]

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