Man Robs Wendy's, Calls Them Twice To Complain About Lack Of Cash Stolen

Most folks who successfully pull off a robbery at a fast food restaurant are happy with whatever cash they were able to make off with. But not one man in Atlanta, who wanted the employees of the Wendy’s he’d held up to know that he was disappointed with his haul — and that they’d better start selling more Baconators in preparation for his next heist.

According to police, a man in a ski mask walked up to the drive-thru window of the Wendy’s and drew a gun on the employee manning the cash register. He then made off with the entire cash drawer, which he ditched (minus the cash) in the bushes of a nearby hotel.

But the robber was apparently so displeased with the meager results of his criminal endeavor that he felt compelled to contact the restaurant twice by phone.

“Next time there better be more than $586,” he said during the first call to Wendy’s. Police say he made “a similar threat” in the second call.

So for anyone in the fast food business, please remember to have sufficient funds in your drive-thru cash register so as to avoid embarrassing situations like this in the future.

Unhappy robber: Gunman calls restaurant to gripe []

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