Sony Zapping PS3 With Hard Drive Growth Ray

Since Microsoft made Sony’s 120-gigabyte PlayStation 3 hard drive seem puny by unleashing a 250gb slim model in June, Sony is stepping up with 160gb and 320gb models due out later this year.

The 160gb version, which PlayStation Blog says is shipping to stores now, sticks with the $300 price the 160gb model is rocking. The 320gb version, available Sept. 19, will cost $400 and include Sony’s upcoming Move motion controller that would cost $50 separately, the $40 camera required to make the controller work and a Wii Sports-ripoff game and a demo disc. The camera, Move controller and game will also be available in a $100 bundle.

If you don’t own a PS3, are either of these new versions enticing? If you bought a PS3 recently, are you bitter that you didn’t hold out longer?

Available This Fall: New PS3 System Models Featuring 160GB & 320GB Hard Drives [PlayStation Blog]

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