Here's Ketchup And A Statin With Your Burger


British researchers are recommending that fast food joints pass out cholesterol-reducing statins to be consumed alongside cheeseburgers and the like in order to “neutralize” the heart risks of fatty foods.

A statin is a class of drugs which are used to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.

Researchers pointed out that when people drive or smoke, society encourages them to reduce their risk by wearing seatbelts or smoking filtered cigarettes.

“Taking a statin is a rational way of lowering some of the risks of eating a fatty meal…in terms of your likelihood of having a heart attack, taking a statin can reduce your risk to more or less the same degree as a fast food meal increases it,” said researchers.

The scientists said that you should be able to grab up statins at McDonald’s just as easily as you snatch up condiments. They noted, “It would cost less than 5 pence ($0.07) per customer — not much different to a sachet of ketchup.”

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