Woman Quits Job By Outing Boss's Farmville Addiction To Staff

UPDATE: It appears that this was all a hoax perpetrated by the editors over at thechive.com.


It looks like yesterday was Dramatic Exit day for people who hated their jobs. Jenny was tired of her boss’s sexism and goofing off, but she didn’t have an inflatable exit raft to slide down. Instead, she sent out an email blast to her co-workers with a series of messages on dry erase board, explaining the reasons–all boss related–why she was moving on.

I can’t determine whether “HOPA” really means “Hot Piece of Ass” as she claims, or even whether Jenny is legitimate and not a prank to amuse deskjockeys everywhere this week. It’s still pretty enjoyable, though.

“Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)” [The Chive] (Thanks to David!)

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