Shoplifter Blames Devil

A woman caught shoplifting from a Walmart in Cinnaminson, NJ, assaulted the store’s loss-prevention officer and drove off, but accidentally left her pocketbook–which contained her driver’s license–in the parking lot. She called back later to ask whether they’d found it, and when the police got on the phone she admitted to the shoplifting and assault, but blamed it on the devil.

“Devil’s in the details: Accused shoplifter left purse behind” []



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  1. Conformist138 says:

    First she said it was her sister… then that it was her, but the devil got into her. Nice.

    On a related note, how did she fill a cart with stuff, walk it right to customer service, and get a gift card for the returns? Seems like a pretty simple little trick for a store so gung-ho over receipts.

    • Destron says:

      You would be surprised how often this is done – people come in the store and get stuff off the shelf and try to take it up and return it. Sometimes they DO have a receipt because they bought that item 15 minutes ago – sometimes they just “lost” it.

      Here is the catch though, if you LET them return the merchandise – it becomes theft as soon as they accept the money. So most of the time, they will return it so AP can nab them.

  2. Destron says:

    That’s hilarious, when I was loss prevention at Walmart we had someone leave their kid behind in the shopping cart while they booked it to their car and drove off – we had to turn the kid over to the police, found out later it wasn’t even their kid – they was baby sitting. Scumbags got slapped with child endangerment and abandonment over $30 in makeup

  3. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    I hear that she will be fighting the charges based on the fact that the police illegally opened her purse, and that there was $14 dollars and a half a pack of Fruit Stripe gum missing.

  4. myCatCracksMeUp says:

    I really hate it when the devil makes me do things I wouldn’t otherwise do.

    It really screws with my life.

  5. rookie says:

    She said I made her do WHAT???

  6. pantheonoutcast says:

    Out of all the nefarious things that the Prince of Darkness could have forced this woman to do while he controlled her every thought, movement and action, and he chose to have her steal $200 worth of crappy merchandise from Walmart? Either this woman is incorrect, and the possessing demon was actually Lucifer’s redneck second cousin, Jim Bob, or the Lord of the Flies is really losing his touch…

  7. blogger X says:

    Yeah, that Lucifer guy is a total jerk!

  8. David in Brasil says:

    Flip Wilson, anyone?

  9. dreamfish says:

    It always makes me wonder why religious people, who supposedly accept the idea of a God and Satan, apparently wouldn’t accept mitigation in a court case of someone who killed another person saying “God told me to do it and he is obviously perfect so had a very good reason but man cannot understand the mystery of God so there’s no point trying to do so but I should be let off”.

    Either they truely believe that such a defence is acceptable or they’re hypocrites.

  10. Hoss says:

    She’s right, mental illness is the devil

  11. diasdiem says:

    The devil went down to New Jersey
    She was lookin’ for some stuff to steal
    She got in a bind,
    Left her ID behind
    Now she’s looking to make a plea deal.

  12. MarvinMar says:

    Ahh, The Devil in Miss Jones again. It’s been awhile.

    Also, of course the Devil “devil got into her”…..He practically lives at Walmart.

  13. RvLeshrac says:

    This was a misquote. What she *ACTUALLY* said was “The Devils made me do it.”

    Because “The devil made me do it” would be a valid excuse. If companies can cite “acts of god” to breach a contract, I see no reason for them to scoff at someone claiming the other side was at fault.

  14. peebozi says:

    Seems legit to me…why is this any crazier than a virgin birth, turning water into wine, making a loaf of bread last for days, a talking bush, the ability to summon 2 of each animal on earth onto a large yacht built by 4 people, a person living 700-900 years, the right to own mexicans but not canadians and a talking snake?

    Let her off and go after Mephistopheles, the real villain!!!!! LOL