Public Menace? Las Vegas Wants To Ban Gigantic Hula Hoops

We’ve never been to Las Vegas, but apparently there is a serious problem with giant hula hoops going on. According to AOL, the Las Vegas City Council is considering banning hula hooping on a five-block pedestrian mall called “The Fremont Street Experience.” (Warning: link is annoying.)

AOL says that for 15 years the city has been trying to regulate what goes on down there, only to be thwarted by the pesky constitution and the ACLU.

The plaza was built over a road, Fremont Street, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada has persuaded judge after judge that it cannot be regulated any more than activities in parks or on sidewalks can.

“The argument they use is that free speech is bad for business and we need to protect business,” ACLU attorney Allen Lichtenstein told AOL News. “The courts have repeatedly said that while business is important, it cannot trump constitutional rights. I don’t know how much clearer they can make it.”

Giant hula-hooping is just the latest in a series of fun activities that are bad for business. In this case, giant hula hoops are allegedly obstructing the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Here’s a video of said obstruction:

Looks kinda fun.

Las Vegas Considers Hula-Hoop Ban [AOL News]

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