Accidentally Break Your New Air Purifier? BlueAir's Service Will Keep You From Feeling Blue

Andreas’ mother-in-law accidentally broke his brand new BlueAir AirPod purifier by tripping over the unit’s power cord. Andreas tried to superglue the unit’s fan blades back together, but when that failed, he asked BlueAir if they could sell him the needed replacement parts. Their response blew him away.

Andreas writes:

A couple of years ago, my then-girlfriend bought me an AirPod travel-air purifier as a gift. I suffer allergies when visiting either of my sets of parents or her folks, so this was quite a thoughtful and helpful gift.

Fast forward two years… we’re now married and have a beautiful little boy. We moved into a new apartment and found it to be more dusty than we care for. We decided to shop for a full-sized air purifier. After researching, I decided to go with a filter by Blueair – the same manufacturer as the AirPod. When I ordered the new full-sized purifier, I also decided to pick-up replacement filters for the AirPod, which are sold in packages of 2.

The first weekend after getting the new purifier and filters for the AirPod we went to my in-laws home. We setup the AirPod in the baby’s room and all was going well until my mother-in-law tripped over the power-cord, knocking the AirPod to the ground. Unfortunately, this broke one of the fan blades, which made the filter completely off balance and unusable – also making the 2 new filters we just bought for it obsolete.

When we got home, I took the fan mechanism off and tried super-gluing the blade back on, but it wouldn’t take. I emailed BlueAir’s customer service from a link on their site:

We JUST got 2 replacement filters for our Airpod and my mother-in-law knocked over our Airpod and one of the fan blades broke off! I tried to superglue the blade back on, but it wouldn’t stick. Is there a way you can sell me a replacement fan or even just the base?

The next day, I received an email back from Katie in their Customer Service department saying:

We can send you a new unit. What is the color and address you would like it shipped to?

I replied and less than 1 week later, what was at my door? A brand-new, AirPod! This is WAY above and beyond what I had expected. It’s my belief that corporate-behavior like this should be praised and rewarded. Katie and Blueair have won my loyalty and I really want to share this story with others.

By the way, the full-sized unit we got, the 403, has been great in the apartment too!

Nice work, BlueAir!

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