My Formerly Free BofA Account Now Costs $9 A Month For No Reason

Last month we wrote about Bank of America’s bid to coax customers to stop bothering tellers in person by offering free checking to those who stay away from branches and don’t request paper statements.

Eric always banked that way anyway and enjoyed free services, but was stunned to find an unexplained $9 maintenance fee on his account anyway.

He writes:

I was perplexed when I recently reviewed my statement (online) and discovered that Bank of America charged me a $9 monthly maintenance fee on what used to be a free checking account. Googling for solutions, I found your article:

…the thing is, my account has been paperless for years, and I can’t even remember the last time I used a human teller there. So apparently they’re charging this fee even if you only use online banking and ATMs. I’m switching banks ASAP.

The good news for BofA is Eric makes one fewer customer it will have to deal with.

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