Guy Hacks ATM To Spew Money, Play Music

Whether it’s a steel door or an encrypted network, thieves are always finding ways to break down the barriers that protect money. And the new technologies are also enabling bank robbers to invent new ways to jack cash with flair and razzle dazzle. Exhibit A, a security researcher at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas demonstrates on-stage how one can remotely hack an ATM to make it spew money while playing a lively tune.

Does it really need to say “Jackpot!” on the screen? That just seems like they’re rubbing it in.

Watch This Guy Hack an ATM to Spit Out Money [Gawker]


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  1. jaymer says:

    I saw the talk at Defcon. It was awesome, but very scary. ATM vendors need to fix these issues, very quickly…

    • Juliekins says:

      Me too! There was much *facepalm* in that talk, between the ease with which keys can be obtained and the fact that CE wasn’t designed to be “airtight” like Windows NT (!!!). Great talk. Totally worth attending LineCon 2010.

    • jayde_drag0n says:

      no.. they need to do this all over the place and make a post of when and where to be so i can stuff my pockets

  2. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    Bah. Nancy Pelosi has 4 of those in her her office. They print the million dollar bills. That’s how we’re funding all the drunken sailor spending in DC.

    • Griking says:


      • trey says:

        damn… he got called a troll for telling the truth. three more months and you wont have to wonder.

    • Crim Law Geek says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • AD8BC says:

      May be a troll but he’s right :-)

    • Poisson Process says:

      Were you this upset when Bush II took a budget surplus and turned it into a record deficit? Or are you just upset now because a Democrat is in office?

      • Zach, your favorite liberal Texan politics-and-news junkie/Doctor Who super-fan says:

        Off-topic, but this is exactly what I wanted to say. :)

    • Conformist138 says:

      Of course, Mrs Pelosi’s spending has been pretty much in keeping with every other Speaker of the House, including the last two Republicans.

      Just a tiny bit of research would clear that up, but who cares about silly things like factual acuracy when you can have a cage-match between the parties?

  3. midwestkel says:

    That’s awesome it says Jackpot! on the screen!

  4. GrayP1800S says:

    I was hoping it would play the Final Countdown!

  5. Dapper Dan says:

    They need to have more of these contests, so we can keep the younger generations intrested in networking and cyber securityattacks. They are the future…

  6. Jacquilynne says:

    I hope the song was that bit from the Finale in Rent.

  7. SPOON - now with Forkin attitude says:

    It’s the small user friendly details that make for the very best computing experience. Thank you, mister security researcher!