Spirit Starts Charging Up To $45 For Carry-On Bags

Prepare to shift that carry-on bag to your other hand as you reach for your wallet because today is the day Spirit rolls out their new fee for carry-on bags. Billed as an ostensible solution to gate delays, the worst problem you never experienced, the fee ranges from $20 to $45.

Spirit reduced its lowest fares by an average of about $40 ahead of the new carry-on fees. The average one-way base fare for August is $63, [Spirit spokeswoman Misty Pinson] said. She said passengers have been paying the carry-on fee in advance but she did not have specific numbers.

A larger bag destined for the overhead bin will incur a $30 fee, as long as the passenger pays in advance. Paying at the gate brings the fee up to $45.

Umbrellas, camera bags, strollers and car seats are among the items that will remain free of charge.

Will you pay the fee or fly a different airline?

Spirit Airlines’ carry-on bag fee starts Sunday [AP]

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