Dell Responds To Crazy Story Of Nudie Pic-Stealing Tech Support Guy

Earlier today, we wrote about the woman in California who contacted Dell’s tech support hotline and then watched as naked photos of her were downloaded remotely by the employee. After seeing the story, Dell has written Consumerist to let us know they’re taking it seriously.

In a statement to Consumerist, a rep for the computer company writes:

Meeting our customers’ needs and delivering quality customer service is our primary goal at Dell. Our service is based on a foundation of personal and professional integrity, and at Dell, we never compromise these standards. When [the customer] contacted Dell about this incident last year, we investigated the issue, which involved a technical representative at one of Dell’s vendors. We contacted the vendor about the allegation, and can confirm that the representative no longer handles Dell calls. We’ve been in contact with [her] regarding this issue and continue to investigate her claims to best assist with a resolution.

For those just catching up to this story… not only were the woman’s boudoir photos copied off her computer, but they also showed up online shortly thereafter.

Additionally, the woman sent the tech a brand new laptop for purposes that remain vague. Oh… and he used her credit card to buy Dell products for another U.S.-based customer he’d fallen in love with.

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