Beware Of Coca Cola Facebook Scam

Are any of your Facebook friends posting status updates about how they’ve been turned off from drinking Coca Cola after watching some video? Yes, there’s the rare chance your friend has gotten sick of the “Buy the World a Coke” jingle, but it’s more likely that their account has been hijacked (or rather, “clickjacked”) by nefarious, nerdy forces.

The sketchy Facebook statuses read: “I am part of the 98.0% of people that are NEVER gonna drink Coca Cola again after this HORRIFIC video” and encourages you to watch the video and “Find out the TRUTH about Coke!!!”

Clicking on the link — Don’t do it — will take you to a page with what looks like a video player and the words “9/10 People said they WOULDNT drink Coca Cola After seeing this video!!!”

Attempting to watch the video brings up a pop-up window alerting you that you can’t watch it until you’ve shared the link 7 times on Facebook. However, even doing that won’t actually unlock the video.

There is a link that says, “Cant Be Botherd To Wait? Click Here To Skip This.” Clicking that link will take you to a survey — Don’t fill it out! — that asks all manner of personal information.

So, if you see your friends posting about this alleged Coca Cola video, just let it pass without clicking. You’ll be happy you did.

The ‘Never gonna drink Coca Cola again’ Facebook scam []

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