Apple Engineers Sleeping At Work To Fix Antenna Problem

When Steve Jobs says Apple, Inc. is going to “work our butts off” to solve the antenna problems on the iPhone 4, what he really means is… engineer slumber party! Bloomberg reports that Apple has moved cots into the engineering department, and cars have been in the parking lot overnight as the employees work on a fix.

During a press conference yesterday where Jobs announced the palliative measure of free iPhone cases to soothe those customers enraged over reception on the newest iPhone, the Apple CEO assured consumers their engineers were doing the best they could.

“We’ve been working our butts off in the last 22 days to understand what the real issues are here so we can come up with real solutions,” he said yesterday.

What we want to know is who is going to try to freeze Jobs’ underwear first during these work sleepovers? He totally deserves it.

Apple Sets Up Cots for Engineers Working “Butts Off” on IPhone Antenna Fix [Bloomberg]

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