Zappos Turns Office Tour Into Vegas Tourist Attraction

A Vegas tourist attraction that doesn’t involve hookers, blackjack, or magic? It’s possible! Famed retailer of shoes and joy Zappos opens its office doors to hundreds of people every month, welcoming everyone, not just business executives and crazed fans.

He said the tours started with vendors, who told their friends, who told their friends. Eventually, Richman said, they had hundreds of people touring Zappos each month.

“It’s anybody from fans to entrepreneurs to college students,” Richman said. “Anybody who’s heard about the Zappos ethos and wanted to see it for themselves.”

Want to go on your own tour? Book it here. A regular tour is free, and a fancier tour that lets you ask more in-depth questions and see more of how things work than the regular tour costs $47.

Zappos branches into tour biz — of its offices [Las Vegas Sun]

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