McDonald's Last Airbender Toy Dangerous If Wrapped Around Neck?

According to the Connecticut Consumer Protection Commissioner, a bracelet that comes with the “Last Airbender” Katara toy could be dangerous if your child wraps it around his/her neck. That’s what allegedly happened to one CT toddler. His mother says he passed out after the bracelet cut off the blood to his head.

Connecticut Consumer Protection Commissioner Jerry Farrell, Jr. wrote a letter to US Consumer Product Safety Commission Chairperson Inez Tenenbaum, requesting that the CPSC investigate the claim.

From CT:

The consumer alleged that “The Last Airbender Katara” figure and bracelet given out in a McDonald’s Happy Meal could injure or kill a child if used inappropriately. She indicated that her son was playing with the toy, when he took the bracelet and put it around his neck. The hard plastic ends of the bracelet allegedly cut off blood circulation to his arteries, and he began to lose consciousness. When the parent saw what the boy had done, she removed the bracelet from his neck, averting serious harm.

“As you can imagine, I am very concerned that this type of incident will happen again,” Farrell wrote to Chairperson Tenenbaum. “If a child is playing in an area away from a responsible caretaker, I believe that tragedy could strike. I do know that your agency is in receipt of the complaint and samples of the product. I hope that your agency will move on this complaint expeditiously. “

“This particular complaint struck close to home for me, as my three-year old son also had this toy in his possession,” Farrell said.

According to the Hartford Courant, McDonald’s says the toy has been certified as safe.

McDonald’s Corp. said the Katara figurine met all federal requirements for safety. The toy “was evaluated by an independent third-party laboratory, accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and determined to be safe for children and in compliance with all applicable federal requirements,” said [a] McDonalds USA spokeswoman.

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